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David, an elderly gentleman with diabetes, lives on monthly social security checks. David accidentally dropped and broke his insulin bottle. His insurance would only cover the replacement if he met a $450 deductible first. The Herndon Senior Center recommended FISH assistance for him. FISH paid to replace the insulin necessary for David’s daily treatments.

Laurie, a pregnant veteran whose husband is still overseas, was injured on the job and was unable to work. As a consequence, Laurie could not pay her rent. FISH provided  partial rent support for a month while Laurie secured a housemate to share the costs.

Isabella, a single mom with four children under age 14 is working, taking classes to get a better paying job, and caring for her children. Everyone got sick, which required her to take time off from work at the very time she had to pay high medical bills. The family does not have subsidized housing. FISH participated in a package with partners to pay for past-due rent, stop eviction proceedings, and maintain family stability.


Ana, an elderly grandmother, owns her home but lives on a limited fixed income. Ana is also raising her teenage granddaughter. When they experienced some unplanned large  expenses, they needed help to pay the monthly utility bill. FISH covered the cost and prevented the electricity from being turned off.

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Karin, a single mother of five, had been on the wait list for affordable housing for several years. Karin works full time and receives child support, but she did not have the funds for a security deposit on the new housing.  FISH teamed with six other agencies to support the deposit and move.

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality. Photos are not of clients.

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